I should be alive

January usually is a good start for everyone.
But it seemed hard and sad to me.

I got the results of 2-week-long school exam just before the Chinese New Year.
I could take a relief cos I just passed all the subjects...Sigh!!
But other classmates' were much higher than mine! Should I be happy with my results?
Either way, I have another school exam in June. I can't lose next time cos it determines whether I can go to the final year in the high school. I shouldn't repeat the studies....I should be alive at school!

My school life is a bit improved since I know a girl in my class. We shared secrets....and I have a little bit affection for her. Actually I shouldn't start this relationship so fast...we still don't deeply understand each other. But sentimentally I couldn't control myself to date her. It came and went so fast, only 2 weeks and karma came. We now have a cold war and get nothing to chat. I do regret doing such kind of thing so early. In retrospect, I learn a lot through this....understanding each other matters ..... forgiving and forgoting!

but there's one thing really impressed me in Jan is, my dearest Swedish friend, Sara, sent me a big gift to me!!!:D
It's really a godsend!! :))) Tack så mycket!!! Wing Suet!=)))

This episode ' I shouldn't be alive' is truly inspiring and breathtaking!
I should be alive, even though many difficulties lies ahead!

Postat av: Pia

Hej Gary!! Long time no see!

Thanks for your comment in my blog. :D Was happy to hear from you, and also thanks for your guestbook entry at Carola.com. I will reply you there too soon. :)

Glad if you like my C, hihi. It was not so expensive. :) I am kinda collecting 'C' letters. :D

And I have been just fine. Lots of work in school but also some fun things. In end of this month I am flying to Greece, to Athens to visit my friend Ronell again! I am waiting soooo much!! <3 I have been on msn and I also haven't seen you. :( Hm! Well hope we meet there some day soon. ;)

See ya!

Ha det bra, vännen. Kram! :)

2009-02-02 @ 17:56:32
URL: http://piakristina.blogg.se/
Postat av: Pia

Hej igen Gary!

Thanks for your comments in my blog! =) I am glad to hear from you! I am so busy these days, we haven't talked for ages. :( What have you been up to? Other than school.

I have applied for exchange for next autumn so I might move to Germany then and stay there for half a year! I am excited about that! I have always wanted to try living in some other country, cause I have lived all my life here in boring Finland.

Thanks if you like my blog. :D I like editing it all the time hihi. Did you see my new pics from Greece in my blog? =) Was a lovely holiday, and I reeeally love Greece!

It's so great you can learn some Swedish! Are you studying in your book or is someone teaching you?? I am looking forward to chat with you in Sweedish!! :D

And so coool Sarah Brightman will be there, she is great! Are you a big fan of hers?

Take care my friend, ha det bra! Let me hear from you soon okay. =) Kramar från Pia ♥

2009-03-18 @ 23:37:49
URL: http://piakristina.blogg.se/
Postat av: Pia ♥

Hej Barry! Long time no see! :D

Jag mår bra! =) Hur mår du då?

I am working now in the summer, and in autumn I move to Germany. :D When do you have your holidays from school?

Yess I have Facebook! You can add me, look for Pia Tuomisto! :) I am often signed in there, so it would be easier to keep in touch there! Hope to talk to you soon!

Take care, ha det bra vännen.

Kramar från Finland ♥


2009-06-25 @ 09:32:27
URL: http://piakristina.blogg.se/

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