Long-awaited December

I finally have chance to breathe a sigh of relif......The long-awaited December comes finally!!:D

November really killed me. For one thing, the weather changed drastically and for another, there is no holiday in November. >< But I can't change those unchangeable facts.

There's another thing makes me unhappy in November. I can't get control of my performance in my studies.
Things get more and more difficult and I feel helpless! My schoolmates're getting more and more higher marks in different tests. But I always fail. No matter how harsh the school life is, I have to be tough cos I don't want to repeat my studies. It's literally a waste of time and money!

Everything gets better in December, hopefully.
A hopeful song by Enya...Hope is home and the heart is free.

I'm not the best or the worst. BUT I'll try my best!!!!

Studying in Hong Kong really stresses your marks in every subject....even in physical exercise lesson.

Last month I had my first attempt of hurdle....I thoght it might be very interesting cos I'd never tried it before.
during the lesson, I gave it a go and found it easy to handle. suddenly, my teacher gave us a test on hurdle and saw whether I mastered the skills we'd JUST learnt....Oh my God!!! I ended up getting the lowest mark!>< Everything here fully depends on your marks....mark is everything!

I wasn't born with a talent for sport. But I do try my best to do exercise...to improve myself

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