school picnic

actually, I didn't want to have a school picnic with my classmates.
after this 2-month school life, I find my classmates hypocritical and dark!!!They are gossips and always stab somebody they hate in the I'm the one left out in the class!

24 Oct was our school picnic. The place we had our picnic is very nice, called Shek O, with a gorgerous beach and a blue sky. And of course I saw many beautiful blond girls and adorable kids playing with sand.
Even though I didn't enjoy the moment with my classmates, I had my private time to hang around and enjoy the sunshine and cool breeze in the beach......literally free from pressure! I wish I could live in the beach!!:D


I almost lose count of how much time I've cried since the beginning of my school life in September.
Every day at school, I try very hard to choke back my tears.....on the way home.....until I'm back home and wail!!!
how come? is it all my fault??!!!??!!
I've done what I'm supposed to do....even it's failure, there's always a way out......I really sicken for the way my classmates act! I become more and more school-phobia can I stick at these 2-year studies?!!???!!>.<

unspeakable worries

The whole world seems to be flooded with an ominous atmosphere....
Lehman Brothers went bankrupt and tsunami...much unpredictable and pessimistic news are ready to strike Hong Kong
in my school life, I'm ready to be scolded by teachers, ready to have many difficult tests...homework....detention classes...busy school duties....I'm really too hard-up to buy a lunch cos school always asks students to pay for the exercise books....

crying = coward ?

Chinese has a traditional saying, "A man will only bleed but won't shed tears(literally translated)"
it means a man of courage doesn't cry despite any diffculties or anything unpleasant.
so a man who like crying is a coward?? Is it too ridiculous?????
sometimes I think some of the Chinese tradtions are a little strange.

I'm studying science but sometimes I'm quite crying to express my pent up depression and unspeakable pressure as well as music. and when i watch a touching movie, tears naturally well up in my eyes.
then it means I'm chicken-hearted??

well, some of Chinese man, who believe in male chauvinism, usually think crying is embarrassment......lose their face.
C'mon, just be your true self....there's nothing wrong with crying!!!

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