school reopen day

Time flies when you're having 4-month-long holiday ended .
and 1st Sep was the school reopen day in Hong Kong.
well, so far so good....but something bad happened.

I'd tinted my hair red in the summer holiday......and tried to tint it black with hair coloring product.
but it can't color my hair black.......Oh my god!!!!!
if i didn't color my hair black before the school reopen day, i would be punished!!!!
in the last resort, i had a strange idea.....guess what?? it's black watercolor........crazy!!! =D
I spent a lot of time "painting" my hair black after i woke up in the morning and time went by quickly.....i scarcely forgot i had to leave......finally i rushed to school with my body gettting wet cos the weather was extremely hot!!!!!!!><
and damn! i was late for school.....
fortunately, there were many students with the same situation as me......i took a relif at once. after all, it's the first school day and we all need more time to get used to that normal school life.

All in all, it was a curse more than a blessing!!!><
i have a kind of feeling that these two years are going to be ominous!


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