Raise my weight!!!

since my school day came back, many teachers haven't seen me for long and stunningly said that once they saw me......"How come....how come you're thinner than ever before.....you weren't such two years ago when i was your English teacher!!! is studying really so stressful for you that it makes you more and more skinny?"
and when i had my first PE lesson and measure our weight and height, the teacher also felt shocked for my build......"is there anything wrong with your health? you look very tall but you're very light...JUST 50 KG!!!"

omg.......i'm always frustrated by my skinny build.....no matter how much i've eaten, i'm still very skinny!!!!!

so, from now on, i have to RAISE MY WEIGHT.....EAT AS MUCH AS I CAN!!!!!!!!! KISS GOODBYE WITH MY SKINNY BODY!!

finally i watched the movie Mamma Mia yesterday!!!!!
That's truly a great moive!!!!Fantastic!!!:D
The all time great ABBA masterpieces in the movie makes it the icing on the cake!!!:)

Postat av: Pia

Mamma Mia really is such an amazing movie!! It's my NUMBER ONE!!!

2008-10-01 @ 19:22:56
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