Goodbye, September 2008

September 2008 quickly comes to a close.
for me, it's very hard to get on with this stressful September.
difficult duty like prefect......i've never expected all these things come within this first month of the last 2-year challenging high school life.
i still have a long way to go and have to be tough enough to get over this hard times.
Grit my teeth and stick at it!

Future is always full of uncertainty.....but i don't care.
just enjoy your time....have fun with it!:D
let's have the time of our life!

Postat av: Pia

Hej igen! ^^

I am glad to hear you liked my photos from Greece. Had a great time there really, wish I could go back there!

Studying is so hard for me too now. So much homeworks and tests. :S But hopefully we will both make it somehow, right? Let's have the time of our lives and enjoy as much as we can! ;)

Lots of hugs to you,


2008-10-01 @ 19:29:37

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