crying = coward ?

Chinese has a traditional saying, "A man will only bleed but won't shed tears(literally translated)"
it means a man of courage doesn't cry despite any diffculties or anything unpleasant.
so a man who like crying is a coward?? Is it too ridiculous?????
sometimes I think some of the Chinese tradtions are a little strange.

I'm studying science but sometimes I'm quite crying to express my pent up depression and unspeakable pressure as well as music. and when i watch a touching movie, tears naturally well up in my eyes.
then it means I'm chicken-hearted??

well, some of Chinese man, who believe in male chauvinism, usually think crying is embarrassment......lose their face.
C'mon, just be your true self....there's nothing wrong with crying!!!

Postat av: vanja

I tink crying is natural and a sign of being healthy. It´s not a weakness to show emotion, quite the opposite. Strong people are not afraid of showingwho they are. And - people who don´t cry end up getting cancer. ;-) I wish you a glorious 2010, let´s make it the best year yet! :-) Stockholm love! Kram!

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