Long-awaited December

I finally have chance to breathe a sigh of relif......The long-awaited December comes finally!!:D

November really killed me. For one thing, the weather changed drastically and for another, there is no holiday in November. >< But I can't change those unchangeable facts.

There's another thing makes me unhappy in November. I can't get control of my performance in my studies.
Things get more and more difficult and I feel helpless! My schoolmates're getting more and more higher marks in different tests. But I always fail. No matter how harsh the school life is, I have to be tough cos I don't want to repeat my studies. It's literally a waste of time and money!

Everything gets better in December, hopefully.
A hopeful song by Enya...Hope is home and the heart is free.

Postat av: Wing Suet

Hi Gary!

I found your blog again. some time since you wrote in it though.. but I'm glad your last comment was a more positive one :) just hang in there! btw.. I'm sorry to tell that your christmas presents will be a bit late. I was having trouble with the dictionary and it won't come in time. but don't worry, you'll get it as soon as I can :)

2008-12-19 @ 20:53:33

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