everything back to normal

Välkommen till min nya blogg! :p
Actually, i have a xanga blog but it's written in Chinese and i want to brush up my English and Swedish.
That's why i lauch this blog written in English and Swedish :D

Time flies when you're having fun.  This saying is exactly right!!!
16-day Beijing Olympic Games 2008 was over yesterday.
i couldn't be one of the contributors to make this centurial Olympic dream come true, but sitting in front of the TV and watching different events, seeing our Chinese flag waving and listening to our national anthem in the awarding ceremony really make me excited and impressed!
if someone asks me "will you wait for a dream which will come true in a centry?"
then i will say "yes, i will as if i waited for my girlfriend no matter what happen!"

As i was seeing the Olympic Flame in the Bird's Nest go out, somehow tears welled up in my eyes.
I tried to find out the reason but in vain.
The Olympic Games ended. That means everyone has to get used to our normal life again and my summer holiday is about to end, just a week left. so i should fully enjoy the rest.
I'll be extremely busy after the holiday cos i'm now a student in the preparatory level for university.
but this 2-year hard school life gives me a chance to be tougher than ever and make my English more fluent.
so I'm determined to be volunteer in the 2012 London Olympic Games :D


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