Prefect training camp

came back home from the 2-day school camp for a few days
well, it was a mixed blessing.

At first day, i went to school in the morning cos we all Form 6 prefects and Tim, the person in charge of the camp, had to prepare all the things used in the camp. and then, we meet all the senior prefects from Form 2 to Form 4 in the afternoon. i was kind of nervous and shy cos i was a team leader of a gorup and honestly i've never been a leader!!! i chatted with my teammates i've never met before and made the introduction and you know.....i'm not good at talking with strangers. and even worse, they were much more shier and just gave me a cold shoulder......oh well, a kind of bad feeling suddenly fell on me and i felt there might be an extremely tough challenge ahead of me!!!

after the arrival of all students, we'd had some warm-up teamwork games for about 2 hrs. it's nearly 4:30pm and Tim asked all the groups to make a list for dinner tonight. I really dunno why we could be so excited and united while planning for the dinner. did the teamwork game work some magic on all of the team? all the shiness between us had absolutely vanished!!!it was the miracle of the teamwork!

we all went to the supermarket for the food of our dinner after the planning and got many problems while buying such as the high prices of the food (thanks to high inflation!!!><), whether the food was fresh or not.....but time was running out. we got to move very fast and rushed to school to cook our dinner. well, some teammates originally said they had no idea of cooking and even had never cooked. but everything was okay and they gave it a try. surprisingly the dinner was delicious and we all enjoyed it very much!!

but worse thing was to come after three teamworks games at night.
everyone was force to had a bathing within 5 mins!!!! and there was no wooden blocker in the bathing room!!!! Nightmare!!!!><
so i just wash myself with water.....
besides, we all Form 6 student have to introspect what we've done today  at.....midnight!!!.......something like how would you rank your performance today (1 is the lowest.....5 the highest) would you improve yourself........etc those boring conclusion.......i really hate that.....T.T

at day 2 morning, i had a good time with my teamates while enjoying our breakfast and having a warm-up team work games!^^ It seemed the block between us had vanished!!^^
but something wrong happened on me....originally i had to lead all my teamates to different specific place to complete different games within a period of time but i had made a mistake and led them to a wrong place in one of the game. it doesn't affect the process..but it was my unavoidable one....i finally made it! Shame on me.....
and i finally cried for my responsibility in front of all the teamates during the group conclusion ....after all, it was a outdoor game....and Tim was worried about our safety....i really let him down.......
finally Tim asked me to leave the group for a while and talk with me in private.....while i was crying, Tim  and one of Form 7 student cheered me up with masses of stale encouragement......but i really thanked not only them, but also my team mates.....for trusting such an irrespsonsible team leader so's you who can make me strong! And surprisingly, our team got the champion among all the's a miracle=D

I know there're just a few Form 6 students, including me, being school prefects......the workload must be extremely harsh. plus, i'm now a student of preparatory level for university. this level is "famous" for its great difficulty and hardship.....many of the former students even always cried during these 2 years cos the life is very stressful......and the truth is, studying in Hong Kong is no piece of cake......

hopefully i'll overcome all the challenges ahead.....with all my netmates' wishes and music as my antidote^^

Postat av: Pia

Hej Gary!

your blog is cool!! :)

thanks for your nice letter, I will reply to you soon;)

Ha det bra! kram Pia

2008-08-31 @ 18:32:56

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